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Frbiz Forecasts Trends of China''s Food Packaging Equipment

August 30, 2010, one of China''s leading B2B search platforms, forecasts the development trends for five kinds of food packaging equipment, reports PRNewswire. Along with the development of the food industry and the increasing demand for food safety and better food packaging, packaging equipment will have great market space. Due to improved production methods and storage conditions, packaging types will be aimed more at the consumers'' needs. Frbiz analyzes that in recent years China''s food packaging industry has been developing very fast, much more than other manufacturers. Frbiz forecasts that in the next ten years, in order to adapt to the food packaging industry''s rapid development needs, the following five food packaging machineries will dominate the market: First, vacuum packing machines. China''s vacuum packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises focus on semiautomatic, automatic and continuous operations, and big vacuum packaging room, while the vacuum packing machines that are suitable for liquid packaging are less common. Domestic manufacturers lack efficiency and specialty vacuum packing machines. Second, bag-making, filling and sealing machines. Third, metal packaging container processing equipment. Fourth, corrugated carton production equipment. The future development direction is expected to be high-speed equipment. Fifth, paper pulp molding processing equipment. China''s paper and tableware processing equipment, the production scale is relatively small, so processing equipment prices are little higher. In the future, paper and tableware processing machinery will look to improving the heat molding mold cost, reducing the heating power cost and improving the yield, etc.