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Frito-Lay Sued Over Alleged Metal Objects in Chips

May 16, 2011

Reuters reports that a woman has filed suit against Frito-Lay and Costco for at least $50,000, charging that the Ruffles potato chips she ate contained some objects such as straight pins or needles that led her into surgery. Zahra Kashani became ill after eating the chips nearly two years ago and had to have surgery to remove multiple pins and needles from her esophagus and stomach. Kashani is suing Frito-Lay, the maker of Ruffles chips, as well as Rolling Frito-Lay Sales LP and Costco Wholesale Corp., the chain where she bought the chips. According to the lawsuit, Kashani bought the chips containing foreign metallic objects at Costco''s Lake in the Hills, Illinois store, and ate them on or around May 17, 2009.