Processing Magazine

Full Profile Insertion Flowmeter Offers Ease of Hot Tap Installation

August 1, 2011

The FPI Mag™ Full Profile Insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is designed for industrial process water and effluent wastewater. The FPI Mag is the industry’s only multi-electrode hot tap full profile insertion flowmeter delivering a continuous total flow profile similar to a full-bore magmeter, according to the manufacturer. The sleek insertion style design of the FPI Mag makes it flow measurement affordable for large line sizes as opposed to other technologies, which become cost prohibitive as the pipe diameter increases due to material costs. Compatible with rugged process plant environments, the FPI Mag is packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity. The sensor is coated with a 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating for operational longevity. It also features additional sensing electrodes for greater sensitivity to meet the accuracy and repeatability of demanding process industry requirements.