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Gas analysis system used for a variety of applications

December 1, 2009
The unit can detect, identify and measure a wide range of compounds simultaneously, within seconds of startup. Analysis is onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1000 meters. The system can provide continuous, unattended, near real-time detection at ppb to percent levels for hundreds of chemicals. Each system includes a rugged, sealed 0.5cm to1 resolution interferometer equipped with a choice of beam-splitters and detectors. The analyzer is coupled to a control PC via standard ribbon cable or long-range fiber optic link. For extended sample paths, the unit can be mounted to a rugged, 10-inch Newtonian telescope with tripod. A high-energy infrared source module on the opposite end of the sample path completes the system. Weighs approximately 40lbs. and measures 8 inch x 14 inch x 8 inch. The compact interferometer module is easy to transport and can be powered by a 12V car battery.