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General machinery drive thrives in wash-down and high-dust environments

July 27, 2009
The machinery’s frequency converter is designed for machine applications that require a high level of protection. Because no special enclosures and cabinets are required, the closed design speeds installation, saves money, and gets the drives into operation quickly, according to the manufacturer. The general machinery drive – with UL Type 4X (IP66) protection – is offered in a 0.5 to 10 Hp range. The design and materials used in the drive’s construction comply with current NSF standards. The drive’s sleek design does not provide any nesting places for bacterial, and all components are protected from ingress of water. The control panel is designed for use in humid environments, and is protected against infiltration of dust by a plastic window; the fan is integrated into the housing of the unit. This design does not have an external fan, which reduces the chance for failure in harsh environments. According to the company, the drives series is designed specifically for hygienic environments. Units can be wall mounted in close proximity to processing machines, and within easy reach of operating personnel. The ACS350 UL Type 4X (IP66) offers an optional integral disconnect switch, when there is a need to isolate the motor and enables a safe working environment for maintenance and servicing. Features include: patented FlashDrop technology (fast, safe & easy parameter programming); eight state sequence programming (PLC-like functions); control panel for easy start up and assistance; high-speed communications, including Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen; cabinet-compatible hardware; and built in brake chopper.