Processing Magazine

Glass Rotameter

November 15, 2011

Yokogawa introduces the new Glass Rotameter RAGN, designed to offer an unlimited lifetime combined with safe and virtually maintenance-free operation. The RAGN resists highly corrosive media and is used for the continuous flow measurement of liquids and gases. Yokogawa is the first supplier to completely provide safety excellence to all applications for glass and metal Rotameters based on FMEDA, according to the manufacturer. The RAGN with reed switches has been assessed to SIL 1 acc. to the reworked IEC 61508:2010 and complies with the Machinery Directive ISO 13849-1 standard. The RAGN comes in an all stainless steel design and offers the widest measuring ranges from 2 ml/h – 10 m³/h water and 0.1 l/h – 160 m³/h air. The Yokogawa RAGN lineup combines multiple process connections and sizes in a modern design.