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Goodyear seeks $38 million in state help for Topeka plant

March 18, 2009
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is telling Kansas’ legislators that it needs nearly $38 million in help from the state, according to the Associated Press. The company says it needs state incentives to commit to a $250 million upgrade of its Topeka plant. The company says up to 700 jobs could be cut without the upgrade. Goodyear is proposing that the state issue 20-year bonds, paid back with payroll taxes collected from company employees. Tim Davis, the manager of the Topeka plant, said new equipment would support the production of massive off-road tires. He said Goodyear is the only American company making them. The proposal is before House and Senate committee. Goodyear hopes it will be added to a bill that would provide similar incentives to wind and solar equipment companies locating in Kansas.