Processing Magazine

Gran-U-Lizer™ for ultra-high purity grinding applications

September 29, 2008

Modern Process Equipment introduces the Model 1052 Gran-U-Lizer™, inclusive of new material technology, for ultra-high purity grinding applications. This grinding technology is proven to grind hard, abrasive materials, such as polysilicon, silicon and cadmium telluride, to various sizes with little to no foreign material contamination. Additionally, the 1052 delivers high particle uniformity with minimal “fines” and adjusts to achieve median sizes from 120 to 500 microns (um). MPE offers no-cost, on-site particle reduction (grind) testing of your product application, including silicon and cadmium telluride, at their test lab. This testing center is fully-equipped to test your product to determine the best Gran-U-Lizer configuration to achieve your specific particle size distribution. Once the best grinding parameters are determined, MPE sends you a complete report illustrating the size distribution of your product as well as product samples for your review. MPE also guarantees that once the Gran-U-Lizer is installed at your facility, your results will meet or exceed those previously achieved during both the MPE laboratory and pre-shipment testing.