Processing Magazine

Granulizing-drying system converts moist solids into dry granules

April 8, 2009
Granulizing-drying system converts non-flowing moist solids discharged from cartridge and vacuum filters, filter presses, mixers and other equipment into uniform, compact, dry, de-dusted, free-flowing granules. A centrifugal screener uses rotating helical paddles to break-up lumps and drive non-flowing materials through apertures in a horizontal cylinder, producing moist pellets continuously, at high rates. Moist pellets are discharged into a spheroidizer that utilizes vibratory energy to produce high-strength, uniform, spherical particles. These particles are then conveyed into a circular vibratory fluid bed dryer that vibrates and dries the particles on a perforated screen within a rising column of heated air on a first-in-first-out basis. Dried particles are then discharged into a vibratory screener that employs an upper screening deck to gently remove any oversize particles, and a lower deck to remove undersize dust particles to be re-processed, on a batch or continuous basis.