Processing Magazine

Hardened materials in bulk bags are deblocked with hydraulic actuated reduction jaws

January 7, 2008
NBE’s portable hydraulic bulk bag conditioner greatly reduces the hardened material lump size so the material can easily pass through the discharge spout of a bulk bag. Operators no longer need to beat on bags with bats and sledge hammers to get the hardened material to flow out of the bags. The hydraulic reduction jaws fold into the unit for ease of portability throughout the plant. The unit is fork truck portable and can include an integral hoist to position the bag between the reduction jaws. Multiple ribs along the jaw plates direct powerful point loads into the hardened material to deblock it within the bag without causing any damage to the bag itself. A low pressure hydraulic system provides a very smooth and controlled operation. An adjustable pressure switch controls the compression force on the reduction jaws for different materials.