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Heavy-Duty Cam Operated Couplings Available in Four Materials

March 10, 2010
Tubing manufacturer now offers its line of cam operated couplings in four materials: glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, industrial-grade glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene, PVDF, and food-grade polypropylene. The couplings compliment the company’s tubing and reinforced hose products that are well-suited to a wide variety of applications. All four materials offer similar performance properties, such as high-impact strength and resistance to acids and solvents. One of their biggest advantages over metal counterparts is their lighter weight. Heavy metal couplings can greatly affect the overall weight of a hose assembly, hindering its maneuverability. Each coupling material has particular benefits. The cam operated couplings (which are also known as cam and groove fittings) are made to MIL-C-27487 dimensions and are fully-interchangeable with other materials made to the same standard. Couplings feature EPDM gaskets, handles of 304L stainless steel, and pins of 302 stainless steel. Types include A, B, C, D, E, F, DP, and DC, and they’re available in sizes ranging from ¼-inch through 4-inch.