Global Processing

Heavy-duty slide gate valve

February 20, 2006

The Vortex HDP® Slide Gate, offers the dry bulk solids industry a revolutionary new valve with expanded capabilities. This heavy-duty slide gate handles non-abrasive to abrasive powders, granules, and pellets; isolates pressures up to 5 bars (75 psig) depending on size; will not leak to atmosphere or across valve; contains a displacement pocket that reduces/eliminates material packing as the blade closes; and is maintenance friendly. The unit was developed to address the following problems: gates placed at the discharge of bins or silos experiencing high aeration, gates located above or below airlocks feeding into higher pressure conveying lines, gates used with scaling operations where air pressure leakage through the valve could potentially cause weight variances, and process gates for dense phase conveying systems. Unit features a self-adjusting blade and clevis, a self-adjusting bonnet seal cartridge, and a tombstone blade design and outlet transition.