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Heavy-duty thermo-anemometer withstands temps to 175 degrees F

August 12, 2003
New heavy-duty thermo-anemometer displays air volume in cfm or cmm units and air velocity in five units of measure: 100 to 7,800 feet-per-minute; 1.1 to 89.4 miles-per-hour; 1.0 to 78.1 knots; 0.5 to 40.0 meters-per-second, and 1.8 to 144.0 kilometers-per-minute. Temperature measurements range from 32 to 175 degrees F with 1.5 degrees F accuracy. Air flow is displayed as an instantaneous value, up to 20-point average or 2/3 flow value. The low friction ball bearing vane wheel allows 2 percent velocity accuracy. Model 407113.