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High-intensity luminaire illuminates interiors of large sanitary vessels

September 12, 2005
Large pressurized tanks, pipelines, mixers and other sanitary vessels are brightly illuminated by the new MetaClamp® ESL39 luminaire from L.J. Star Inc. The use of a high-intensity discharge bulb provides an equivalent of 300 watts of intense light through a Metaglas® safety glass lens. Used on 6-inch and greater sanitary ferrules, these powerful luminaires mount directly onto virtually any vessel. Designed for continuous use, these lights generate very little heat and last up to 10,000 hours (over 1 year) on one bulb. The unit is available with a 40-degree beam angle for illumination of specific areas or a 90 degree wide angle to uniformly illuminate the entire vessel. Overall dimensions are 307.5 mm (12-1/8-in.) long by 133 mm (5-1/4-in.) barrel diameter. This unique design incorporates the proven MetaClamp® sanitary mounting system, including its Metaglas safety glass lens, into a single compact illumination system, one that is equally well adapted to illuminating the interior of new or existing sanitary processing equipment. The MetaClamp® is 3-A approved and USP Class VI tested to confirm biocompatibility. An optional mounting bracket can be used to mount the ESL-39 onto existing sight ports.