Processing Magazine

High-performance, multi-layer graphite gaskets

September 26, 2006

Garlock Sealing Technologies recently introduced GRAPH-LOCK™ 3128 Hochdruck™ gaskets. These gaskets offer better handling and greater safety than other metal-inserted graphite sheet products. They also handle high pressure better than standard graphite gaskets because of reduced load loss and unparalleled torque retention – so they’re ideal for replacing spiral wound gaskets and Kammprofile gaskets in many applications. Hochdruck – which is German for “high-pressure” – gaskets cut more easily than other graphite sheet and eject from gasket cutting dies more easily. They’re also much safer: they resist being drawn out by the gasket cutting die, so they don’t cut user’s fingers and hands like standard stainless steel foil reinforced graphite gaskets. Hochdruck’s bonding agent reduces leaks by 2.5 times compared to competitive gaskets: it increases the graphite-to-graphite strength ratio and greatly improves sealability. They seal reliably and easily under moderate bolt load – and maintain that tight seal even during pressure fluctuations.