Processing Magazine

High-Pressure, Air Operated Valves for Liquid or Gas Service

September 9, 2010
The air operated shut off and needle valves are used in gas filling plants, the military, and general industry. The valve enables remote control of high capacity gases or liquids to 6000 psi/413 BAR with temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F to 225 degrees F. The valves can be made fully functional with actuation pressures under 100 psi/7 BAR. All of the company’s valves are designed with the rugged soft-seat they pioneered. This soft seat design has proven its reliability giving users years of service and thousands of bubble tight shut offs. To assure accessibility, the valves offer flat-faced union connections for easy installation. Once installed, the O-seal system makes sure the connections remain leak-proof. Shut off and needle valves can be ordered either normally open or normally closed, in either globe valve or angle valve configuration.