Processing Magazine

High-purity PVDF valve for aggressive chemical applications

August 26, 2009

The 2-way, ¾” orifice, PVDF valve product line is engineered for de-ionized water (DIW) or mildly aggressive chemical applications, the wetted flow path of the valve is constructed of injection molded 100 percent high purity PVDF with a PTFE diaphragm ensuring the highest level of media purity. Valve actuators are available in either pneumatic or manual multi-turn. End connections are industry standard sanitary flange connections that help ensure purity requirements for the most demanding applications. The industry proven reliability of these valves offer a superior and cost-effective solution for use in pharmaceutical, bio-tech, laboratory, chemical, photovoltaic and flat panel manufacturing processing applications. Primary applications include: Ultrapure chemical or DIW in pharmaceutical, biotech, laboratory, photovoltaic, and flat panel manufacturing applications and other areas where media is not compatible with stainless steel or commodity grade of plastics materials. The valve offers a fully swept internal flow path with no entrapment areas and the elastomer-free wetted flow path eliminates potential contamination.