Processing Magazine

High-speed perforation technology enhances product integrity, shelf life

July 14, 2009
Announcing the commercialization of a unique, proprietary technology for precision venting the junction of bottle-necks and caps on full range of containers, including hospitality-sizes such as those used for room service and in mini-bars, as well as on gift packs and sample sizes. The venting allows evaporation of moisture and prevents cap corrosion and potential of contamination by organic growth. The technology was originally developed for a project with H.J. Heinz (Pittsburgh, PA) and is particularly important for products that have long shelf lives, those that are shipped to humid destinations, and those slated for overseas shipment or extended storage. The new perforation system is an easy retrofit to existing packaging equipment, including the company’s tamper-evident neck banding machinery, shrink sleeve labelers and multi-packers. It operates at line speeds up to 400 bpm with sleeve diameter capacity between 1.5- and 7-inches. A broad range of food and beverage products are excellent candidates for the system that works with PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films. The perforation module was designed using off-the-shelf, readily available components.