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High-temperature camera system with IP capabilities for combustion processes

July 6, 2009
High-temperature boiler camera and furnace camera systems are equipped with IP network capabilities. They offer user’s maximum flexibility and connectivity for viewing and recording real-time color video images of combustion and process control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and incinerators via a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or by integration into other video management systems. The unit allows users to record camera output on a network connected PC, server, or digital video recorder and then easily access images remotely from any PC on the corporate network or the Internet. The camera system is also capable of generating two independently configurable IP, high picture quality, MPEG-4 video streams at up to 25 and 30 images per second. They can be connected to the network using standard network CAT-5 cable. The high-temperature remote viewing system is capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 4,000°F (2,204°C) and is ideal for use in power plants, steel mills, paper mills, glass plants, cement kilns, and incinerators. The systems are available with either a 24-inch or 36-inch long lens assembly; in either direct or right-angle view configurations.