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High temperature fluidizer for dry bulk applications

March 13, 2006
New high-temperature fluidizer disk is used to promote the discharge of dry powders from storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and filters. The fluidizer withstands temperatures from -50 to 450 degrees F. This severe conditions performance provides piece of mind for storage and transport of fly ash storage, cement manufacturing and steel mill applications. Company offers a family of silo fluidizers that enable a uniform flow of most dry bulk materials through aeration and hopper wall vibration. The fluidizer disk distributes air along the bin wall, freeing up product evenly and efficiently while minimum backpressure ensures energy is directed within the walls of the silo or storage container. Gentle vibration aids in product flow and ensures no compacting or plugging. The patented silicone rubber disk seals tightly against the silo wall to prevent airline plugging and will not tear or pick up moisture. These combined performance characteristics help prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting.