Processing Magazine

Hopper separators add efficiency and versatility to maintenance plans

May 13, 2009
Whether plant managers are looking for increased collection capacity, the need to separate ingredients for re-use, or account for collected materials, hopper separators are a great addition to a plant’s maintenance plan when used in conjunction with the company’s already high-power industrial vacuum cleaners, according to the manufacturer. Offering a wide range of capacity and discharge options, the manufacturer’s hopper separators can be combined with their line of CV blower units to fulfill any central vacuum system need. The hopper separators can be equipped with self-cleaning cartridge filtration for large or heavier particles. Each hopper separator has three options for disposal of the collected debris to fit virtually any industrial process, and can be equipped with a variety of discharge valves and operation controls such as an electro-pneumatic reverse purge filter-cleaning system to add efficiency and value to central vacuum applications.