Processing Magazine

Hose clamps will not rust or corrode

June 17, 2009
The nylon hose clamps handle moderate non-hydraulic pressure applications in a wide variety of industries and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C). The clamps offer a patented double row of durable teeth to ensure a strong bond that will not vibrate loose. They’re made from U.L.-listed, black, nylon 6-6 and cannot corrode or rust like some of their metal counterparts. Installation and removal is quick; no tools are needed. The clamps are lightweight, non-conductive, and may be reused. Over thirty sizes are offered and range from 1/4” through 4-1/4” nominal O.D. An assortment of fittings, tubing, and reinforced hose is also stocked for complete fluid or air transfer systems.