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Hospital wastewater to be reused for irrigation with Pentair X-Flow''s Airlift™ MBR Megablock

May 30, 2012

Pentair X-Flow has signed a contract with Suido Kiko Middle East to supply Airlift™ MBR Megablock technology to the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Beginning in April 2013, Pentair X-Flow’s Airlift MBR Megablock will treat 8,000 m³/d of the hospital’s wastewater.

Wastewater reuse has gained importance in recent years as Saudi Arabia faces an increasing demand for water to support its rapid population and economic growth. To meet this demand, KFSH&RC decided to make optimum use of its wastewater by building a wastewater treatment plant. The treated wastewater will be used for irrigation. Pentair X-Flow’s contract includes the supply of four Airlift™ MBR Megablocks with a total of 288 ultrafiltration (UF) membrane modules.

“The King Faisal Hospital is continuously looking for innovative solutions that offer benefits for the employees and the environment”, said Nizar Kammourie of Suido Kiko Middle East (SKME). “Pentair X-Flow fits the hospital’s strategy well for the treatment of its wastewater as this highly reliable wastewater treatment technology has easy operation and maintenance. SKME believes that the Airlift™ MBR Megablock system will be a good solution for this unique application that treats a mix of medical and domestic wastewater.”

The Airlift™ MBR Megablock is a compact, modular, energy-efficient and fully automated MBR system for wastewater applications. The combination of biological treatment with UF membrane separation provides a reliable single barrier for bacteria and viruses and enables wastewater treatment plants to efficiently handle fluctuating amounts of water while complying with stringent regulatory requirements. The UF membrane modules are not placed in a traditional skid, but into an innovative frame construction that can be constructed quickly and easily on site. The system’s plug-and-play design results in faster construction time and makes it possible to easily extend the system when extra capacity is required. Overall, the Airlift™ MBR Megablock combines a safe working environment with a small physical footprint and a low energy consumption making it a better alternative to submerged systems.

Juergen von Hollen, VP Water Process Technologies at Pentair, added: “The King Faisal Hospital Project is very exciting for Pentair X-Flow as it reconfirms the market requirement for the Airlift™ MBR Megablock solution and gives us an opportunity to work closely with a customer that continuously looks to offer the best solution possible.”