Processing Magazine

How gas/liquid separators protect expensive system components

June 14, 2006
A new full-color product guide from Eaton Filtration details how gas/liquid separators remove potential damage causing moisture and particulate matter from steam, compressed air, and compressed gas lines to protect turbines, heat exchangers, and other expensive equipment. Numerous application examples in the guide clearly show how Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators can pay for themselves over time through removal of over 99 percent liquid and particulate matter that can cause damage to expensive system components. This new guide showcases Eaton''s Gas/Liquid Separator line through informative cut-away illustrations that show how the separators actually remove moisture and particulate matter from air, gas, and steam lines. A concise description of applications served by each of the eight different separator designs is included. This makes it easy for system operators to see at a glance which type of separator is best suited to their applications.