Processing Magazine

How to Keep Your Wastewater Treatment Facility Up and Moving

February 22, 2010

The company manufactures products — such as chain drives to heavy-duty conveyor pulleys, belt drives to screw conveyors — that are used in every facet of the wastewater treatment industry. The company provides non-metallic drive components such as 78 and 720 series sprockets and shear pin assemblies, as well as, other plastic items used in wastewater treatment. Non-metallic components provide substantially longer wear in corrosive environments equaling greater cost savings. A full line of essential material handling systems is available including shafted and shaftless conveyors, live-bottom screw feeders, dewatering conveyors and heavy duty conveyor pulleys and components. The conveyors are built to withstand the toughest applications, transporting grit, sludge and large debris.