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Identification of valves for sodium hypochlorite made easier

November 13, 2006
Hayward Flow Control Systems has announced availability of special features and labeling designed to make identification of True Union "Z-Ball" Valves for Sodium Hypochlorite service easy for plant maintenance personnel. Available in PVC for sizes from 1/4"-3/8" and PVC or CPVC in sizes from 1/2"-6", the valves feature a visibly identifiable black handle that makes them easy to spot and special labeling that identifies their use for Sodium Hypochlorite applications in a plant environment. The valve''s specially drilled "Z-Ball" design keeps inner valve surfaces constantly vented to eliminate gas accumulation, and wetted to prevent crystallization of salts which can "freeze" the valve and make it inoperable. The valve''s True Union design also makes it very easy to maintain by simply unscrewing the two assembly nuts on each end and lifting the valve body from the piping line. True Union "Z-Ball" Valves incorporate a unique design that allows the actuator mounting bracket to mount directly to the valve. This ensures proper alignment of the actuator to the valve without creating any damaging side loads to cause premature stem seal failure. All plastic construction prevents rust or corrosion, and also eliminates the need for painting or expensive epoxy coating.