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Improved CPVC pipe meets cell classification 24448

August 31, 2009
Designed for handling a broad range of fluids, the CPVC piping system features high chemical and corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols and other corrosives, offering a durable solution for a variety of industrial applications. CPVC thermoplastic will not rust, scale or pit and is extremely lightweight, making installation faster and easier and significantly less expensive that steel alloy or lined steel. The CPVC Schedule 80 Piping System can withstand higher temperatures up to 210ºF making it well suited for use in hot water systems, hot acid distribution, and waste systems. In addition to the new ASTM rating, the CPVC schedule 80 pipe and fittings also meet the requirements of NSF 14 and NSF 61 as suitable for potable water and conforms to UPC and CSA requirements.