Processing Magazine

In-line mixing head eliminates need for multiple mixers

October 8, 2007

A patented, modular multi-shear mixing head for their in-line mixers that eliminates the need for multiple passes, recirculation, or several mixing machines is available from Bematek Systems, Inc. The Bematek Z-Series In-Line Mixer features a modular, multi-shear mixing head consisting of stators and high speed rotors that can be arranged in any combination to create from one to 12 shear action zones. With product passage through each shear action zone capable of achieving mixing results equal to one pass through an entire conventional mixer, this multi-shear mixing head can eliminate the need for recirculation and multiple mixers. Capable of emulsification, dispersion, and particle size reduction down to 1 micron in one pass through, the Bematek Z-Series In-Line Mixer provides total product development flexibility. This is because the amount of shear imparted on a product is a function of the stator and rotor design in each shear action zone, mixer speed, number of zones, and product residence time. The Bematek Z-Series In-Line Mixer is priced from $11,995.00. Process laboratory testing is available for a defined fee which is credited towards equipment purchases.