Processing Magazine

In-line Sludge Concentrator

May 15, 2012

The Sharpe Simfloc 5.0 in-line sludge concentrator enhances the dewatering process for better solids capture, allows higher molecular weight polymers with more efficient usage and increases the percentage of cake solids. Designed for continuous 24/7 service, all wetted parts are fabricated from 300 Series stainless steel for optimum durability and corrosion resistance and it has a wash-down inverter-duty motor with a leak-free mechanical seal. Providing a large 6”-150# flanged access window to permit inspection of the mixing chamber and impeller, the Sharpe Simfloc 5.0 in-line sludge concentrator can be mounted in any orientation and the mixing chamber can be rotated to meet piping requirements. Featuring variable speed operation with no head loss, this concentrator can substantially reduce hauling and disposal costs, claims the firm.