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In situ oxygen analyzer helps users operate boilers and furnaces more efficiently

July 10, 2007

Emerson Process Management recently introduced its latest innovation in zirconium oxide, in situ oxygen analyzers – the Rosemount® Analytical X-STREAM™ Oxygen Transmitter. The X-STREAM Oxygen Transmitter integrates an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package with unprecedented reliability.Today’s sustained fuel price increases are causing customers to operate boilers and furnaces with less excess oxygen in their flue gas in order to maintain the best efficiency, and also to lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Boiler operators are often hesitant to run at low oxygen levels. With the X-STREAM oxygen analyzer, the company added on-line diagnostics that predict when calibration is required; and new sensing technology provides an indication of oxygen deficiency during upsets when reducing conditions (zero percent oxygen) may occur. Emerson has also increased maximum flue gas temperature specifications to 850 degrees C (1,562 degrees F) on the X-STREAM oxygen analyzer, permitting the placement of the probe closer to the actual combustion process. Integral electronics minimize the cabling and installation cost and the Rosemount Analytical Oxycore™ active sensing core can be replaced in minutes without unbolting the probe flange or disconnecting the electrical terminations or pneumatic lines.