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Infrared chemical imaging workshop coming to Florida

September 5, 2006

A team of experts from Malvern Instruments will lead a half-day workshop on ‘Infrared chemical imaging’ at the annual meeting of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) to be held at Lake Buena Vista, Florida from 24-28 September 2006. Dr Neil Lewis, who heads Malvern’s analytical imaging team following the company’s recent acquisition of Spectral Dimensions Inc, will teach the course together with colleagues from Malvern. The workshop is a conference-sponsored event and will focus on the value and practical applications of chemical imaging technology for biological, polymeric and pharmaceutical problem solving. Dr Lewis will also contribute to the Process Analysis session of the conference, speaking on the topic of ‘Near-infrared chemical imaging for in situ monitoring of pharmaceutical blends’. Infrared and near-infrared chemical imaging instruments are relatively new tools to non-invasively visualize the chemical heterogeneity of various samples. They provide both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the molecular composition and architecture of a diverse array of heterogeneous materials. Chemical imaging can be used to assess the quality and performance of both new and existing complex materials and products. More details of the conference and the workshop can be found at