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Inline grinders feature high-flow “drop-in” design

September 11, 2007
TASKMASTER TM8500 series inline grinders quickly and effectively reduce sewage and sludge solids to fine particles directly in pipeline systems. Along with innovative "Cutter Cartridge Technology", these grinders now feature a convenient “drop-in” housing. This unique design allows for fast and easy removal of the cutter mechanism for periodic maintenance without sacrificing unit strength. These units have the same proven, high quality mechanical seal design found in Taskmaster channel grinders. With TASKMASTER grinders, users get one-piece Cutter Cartridges that replace banks of weak individual cutters and spacers. The result is a durable grinder with a remarkable resistance to cutter and spacer cracking. This design dramatically increases unit strength, reduces maintenance time and totally eliminates the need for cutter stack re-tightening.