Processing Magazine

Insertion Mist Eliminator

November 10, 2011
In separation vessels that you do not wish to cut into to replace the mist eliminator or where you need to reduce carryover in an existing vessel without a mist eliminator, an AMISTCO MistFix® insertion mist eliminator provides a quick and economical solution. By simply inserting the cylindrical MistFix mist eliminator into the discharge nozzle, the carryover of liquid rich vapors can be quickly and significantly reduced. MistFix insertion mist eliminators provide substantial added surface area and increase separating efficiency significantly. This MistFix insert design eliminates the necessity to cut, weld and re-pipe the vessel is not feasible. The need to re-certify to ASME is also eliminated. Although the inserts remain limited by their pad thickness, they have significantly diminished entrainment from numerous knockout vessels in the field, according to the manufacturer.