Processing Magazine

Insertion weigh belt module offers practical solution for line integration

June 19, 2007

Thayer Scale’s Weigh Belt Feeder Series “SI” Insertion Weigh Belt Module is a unique feeder that has been designed to easily fit into an existing belt or vibratory conveyor line. The “SI” comes in either “scale over” or “scale under” design. A short support framework and a 24” long “V-Guided” conveyor (12”, 18” and 24” wide) makes this the only practical weighing module for insertion into a transition space between existing conveyors or equipment. The SI Insertion Weigher uses Thayer Scale’s patented model 15L precision flexure plate suspension scale with FMSS technology. The scale provides for complete mass counterbalancing of the dead load of the conveyor permitting the load sensor to react only to the net material load. This unique system is not affected by dirt, shocks or vibration, and can withstand overloads in access of 1,000 pounds without causing damage or affecting calibration. The highly advanced and extremely robust sensing technology is based on the marriage of the LVDT, embedded temperature sensing and properly linerizing and temperature compensation algorithms.