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International Stem Cell Corp. completes first series of trials on neuronal cells

October 12, 2011

CARLSBAD, Calif. — International Stem Cell Corporation announced Tuesday the successful completion of the first series of preclinical studies designed to support the safety and utility of neuronal cells derived from human parthenogenetic stem cell line (hpSC), according to a press release.

These initial experiments, demonstrating that the derived neuronal cells were able to survive in mice brains without giving rise to tumors, represent a key milestone towards possible therapeutic applications including treating Parkinson''s disease.

Dr. Albrecht Muller, Professor at the Institute of Medical Radiology and Cell Research, Wurzburg University (Germany), said, “Human parthenogenetic stem cells are potentially very promising candidates for use in regenerative medicine primarily because of the possibility that they immune-match a large number of recipients. The results of these safety and survival studies is a very important step along the path towards the clinical use of such cells.”