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IP67 housing for world’s smallest magnetostrictive sensor

June 20, 2005

New IP67 housing option for the C-Series modular linear-position sensor is ideal for applications subjected to dust, moisture and other environmental conditions that can interfere with operation. Particularly well-suited for small- to mid-volume applications where an embedded design using the C-Series core sensor may not be feasible, the C-Series housing option allows the sensor to be safely and securely installed externally onto a product with limited design modifications for even the most robust applications. The TemposonicsÒ C-Series sensor incorporates the latest in magnetostrictive sensor technology to produce the world’s smallest magnetostrictive position sensor, according to the manufacturer. Designed for use in OEM products, such as medical devices, small cutting/fastening/forming tools, and various consumer products, the C-Series sensor electronics fit completely inside a 36 mm (1.4 in) by 23 mm (0.91 in) cylindrical housing package such as the new IP67 housing option from MTS.