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Iris diaphragm valve used globally for variety of applications

June 8, 2009
The iris diaphragm valve (IDV) has proven itself one of the most versatile flow control valves for dry bulk solids. When fitted with an elastomeric diaphragm, the valve is capable of closing around product lumps, or even foreign bodies trapped during closure, while still providing an effective seal to smaller particles and dust. It is this unique feature that has enabled the IDV to be used for a variety of unusual valve applications around the world. A prime example is Service Cable and Pipe Glanding. The Mucon Series K Valve is used to seal around tubes passing through a wall separating two clean rooms with slightly different pressures, eliminating the pressure loss between the rooms. The valve is fully manufactured in stainless steel and fitted with FDA-approved, EPDM rubber diaphragm. The combination of valve diameter, diaphragm material and infinite adjustment feature allows the diaphragm to bring the tubes together and close tightly around them – accommodating different diameter tubes and a number of tubes simultaneously.