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Johnson & Johnson wins ruling in Boston Scientific patent case

April 9, 2007

According to Reuters, a U.S. federal court has ruled that a drug-coated stent sold by Johnson and Johnson does not infringe a patent held by Boston Scientific Corp. The patent relates to a method for treating or preventing heart disease through a particular kind of medicinal therapy -- in this case the drugs used on the stents. J&J''s Cypher and Boston Scientific''s Taxus are currently the only drug coated heart stents available on the U.S. market. Stents are tiny mesh tubes used to prop open arteries that have been cleared of plaque that had been clogging the vessel. The drug coating helps prevent the formation of scar tissue that can reclog the arteries. Boston Scientific had previously prevailed in lower courts in patent disputes that involved the stent itself and the polymer used to bind the medicine to the stent.