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Kellogg confirms salmonella found in crackers

January 20, 2009

Kellogg’s has confirmed that federal investigators have found salmonella bacteria in a package of peanut butter crackers made at a food-making facility in Cary, Georgia, according to The crackers are made by Cary’s Austin Quality Foods, a Kellogg subsidiary. Kellogg already had recalled a number of Austin products Jan. 16, and the company said that the USDA had discovered salmonella bacteria in one package of Austin Quality Foods crackers. “We apologize to our consumers and customers, and we can''t emphasize enough our disappointment and deep regret about this situation,” David Mackay, president and CEO of Kellogg, said in a written statement. Kellogg is one of many companies swept up in a recall of peanut butter products containing ingredients supplied by Peanut Corp. of America. That company, which supplies peanut butter that then goes into products including cookies, crackers and cakes, recalled batches of its products earlier this month after health officials linked the Georgia plant to a salmonella outbreak that has killed six people and sickened hundreds more in the United States and Canada. The Austin Quality Foods plant has more than 700 employees. It makes most of the cracker products affected by the recall. The production line for the crackers was shut down last week for a “deep cleaning,” and production has yet to resume. It is unclear how the workers are affected by the salmonella find, but workers are still needed to help production get back up and running. The company has hired a third-party “retrieval company” to visit stores and remove products from shelves and inventory.