Processing Magazine

Kink-resistant PVC suction hose offers durability & flexibility

October 30, 2006

NewAge Industries’ kink- and crush-resistant Vardex® hose for both pressure and vacuum applications is made of clear PVC with steel wire reinforcement, and is suitable for either fluid or air transfer. A sampling of applications includes chemical lines, material handling, medical appliance components, cleaning equipment, water feeds and discharge, vacuum lines, shop air supply, conduit, food and beverage supply, and environmental suit air feed, among others. Vardex combines the desirable properties of PVC — resistance to corrosion and abrasion, clarity, rubber-like flexibility, and outstanding flow characteristics — with the strength of steel. The wire reinforcement allows the hose to resist kinking, crushing, and collapse, even at full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.). This makes it especially useful in applications where bends and turns are involved. Vardex eliminates the need for extra attachments involving fittings, clamps, separate pieces of hose, and the labor to assemble and install them.