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Kraft reformulates Kool-Aid drinks

May 30, 2008
The Associated Press is reporting that Kraft Foods Inc. has reformulated several of its Kool-Aid drinks and launched a new Kool-Aid water beverage to revitalize the brand and bring it more in line with Kraft''s nutritional guidelines.

The company said it added antioxidant vitamin E to its sugar-sweetened Kool-Aid formula and changed its formula for its Kool-Aid Singles so that one packet can be used to flavor 17 ounces of water. Previously, two packets were needed.

Kraft also said its sugar-free Kool-Aid products have been reformulated to taste closer to regular unsweetened Kool-Aid.

Most of the drinks already fell under Kraft''s nutritional guidelines introduced in 2005, which call for limited amounts of sugar, calories, fat and sodium and "meaningful" amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

The sugar-sweetened variety, though, did not meet the criteria until the addition of vitamin E, Kraft said.

The company said the changes were based, in part, on consumers wanting healthier options for their children.

Kraft also is launching a new ready-to-drink flavored water beverage called Kool-Aid Burstin'' Waters that come in a three flavors. The caffeine-free drink has 35 calories per serving and meets Kraft''s nutritional guidelines, the company said.

The new and reformulated drinks were shipped to stores in January and are now on shelves.