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LabWindows/CVI 8.0 speeds test execution, deployment

November 14, 2005

NI LabWindows/CVI Version 8.0, the ANSI C development environment for test and automation, build upon the software’s 17-year history of continued innovation and backward compatibility with faster code execution and deployment in addition to better real-time integration that extends LabWindows/CVI to deterministic and reliable test applications. Engineers can speed their test applications with optimizing compiler support in LabWindows/CVI 8.0. The software now provides configuration templates for Intel, Microsoft and Borland optimizing compilers to produce faster running code, significantly increasing the throughput of automated test applications. Also, engineers can deploy all their test system software from their development machines to production machines in one distribution package and installer. With this improved system-deployment feature, engineers in manufacturing test quickly can deploy their LabWindows/CVI applications as well as their dependencies, including hardware drivers such as NI-DAQmx, to the factory floor in minutes. LabWindows/CVI enhances its real-time functionality with new deployment directly to National Instruments LabVIEW Real-Time targets such as PXI data acquisition devices. With this functionality, engineers can run their LabWindows/CVI code deterministically for a range of new test applications that require reliability such as environmental test.