Processing Magazine

Large Pressure Blowers for High Volume Pneumatic Conveying

January 20, 2010
To fill the need for greater pressures and volume, the company has developed a series of high capacity blowers to fulfill higher filtration requirements for dense solids media. These larger sizes to 14-inch inlet/outlet pipe size expand the pressure blower line with pressures to 91-inch wg and volumes to 18,000 CFM. The blowers convey a diverse variety of materials, as well as cool and aerate, and are especially suited for the most advanced pollution control systems. Features include a lightweight aluminum alloy wheel designed to reduce motor loads and decrease vibration. The fan housing is constructed of heavy gauge steel with support gussets added to further reduce vibration. The larger pressure blowers are available in direct drive Arrangement 4 with the versatility of eight discharge positions. Specifications and performance tables are also available