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Largest gas tight horizontal vacuum belt filter ever built

June 11, 2007

Larox recently delivered the largest, totally gas tight horizontal belt filter ever built. The Pannevis GT filter, with a filtration area of 3 meters wide x 16.8 meters long was recently delivered for a solvent based edible oil application. Operating under a nitrogen atmosphere, the Pannevis GT filter offers total containment of solvent based processes in an inert environment for safe and hygienic processing of a wide range of products including fine chemicals, bio-products, solvent-processed foodstuffs, solvent wetted organic solids, pyrophoric materials and pharmaceuticals. Larox is the world leader in solvent-based vacuum belt filtration with the Pannevis GT filter. The filter as delivered was designed to work at temperatures below ambient and was equipped with 3x counter-current washing with the washes applied by banks of spray nozzles for maximum cake coverage during each wash stage. Washing of the filter cloth sides prior to discharge also ensured all possible solid phase product is recovered. Both the solid and liquid phases are further processed as valuable product in this application.