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Lawsuit Against Coke''s Vitaminwater Will Move Forward

July 27, 2010
A court case challenging the claims on popular Vitaminwater drinks as misleading will go forward after a judge denied Coca-Cola''s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit, according to the Associated Press. Attorneys representing the health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest and consumers from three states have accused Coca-Cola of using deceptive labeling on its Vitaminwater line of drinks, including claims that they reduce risks of disease. Coca-Cola filed to have the lawsuit dismissed on technical grounds, but Judge John Gleeson of the U.S. District Court in New York said the case should proceed. Gleeson said Vitaminwater''s use of the word "healthy" violates Food and Drug Administration labeling rules. In a 55-page opinion, Gleeson also took issue with the Vitaminwater''s name, which fails to identify sugar as a key ingredient in the drink, though it is listed in nutrition information on the bottles. The product''s name and labeling could "reinforce a consumer''s mistaken belief that the product is comprised of only vitamins and water," Gleeson wrote.