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Level meter ideal for accurate measurement of distance, level and volume

May 19, 2008
KROHNE, Inc., introduces several new cost-saving and performance enhancing options for its OPTIFLEX 1300 C TDR Level Meter instruments, ideal for the accurate measurement of distance, level and volume of liquids, pastes and solids in storage or process vessels. The award-winning OPTIFLEX 1300’s already broad range of TDR probe options has been expanded to include a new, cost-effective 2mm cable version and process connections that are now possible on ½“ NPT or ¾” NPT threaded fittings. These new features made the OPTIFLEX 1300 C uniquely suited to smaller vessels such as day tanks or totes, even for interface applications. Unlike earlier guided radar devices, the OPTIFLEX 1300 C has higher signal dynamics, which translates to measurements that are both more accurate and more stable. Despite disturbances such as strongly agitated surfaces, the OPTIFLEX 1300 C will clearly locate the product’s true surface and will continue to provide accurate measurements. Sharper pulses allow the OPTIFLEX 1300 C to detect and measure interfaces as thin as a 2-inch (50-millimeter) film of oil on water in a large tank. The sharper pulses also allow better repeatability of results. While most 2-wire TDR devices measure down to a dielectric of 1.5, resulting in improper measurement of many organic compounds, OPTIFLEX measures down to 1.4 (and even 1.1 under certain conditions). OPTIFLEX 1300 C is available with six different probes - single rod, double rod, single cable, double cable, coaxial and its new 2mm cable version, ensuring that the device can handle virtually any application. The device’s maximum measuring range is from 13 feet (4 meters) to 115 feet (35 meters), depending on the probe type.