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Lightweight, flexible TPR tubing ideal for peristaltic pumps

August 25, 2009

The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing is manufactured in two grades – FDA and Industrial – and in two hardnesses – 64A and 80A. Its performance characteristics make it well-suited for peristaltic pump use, and other applications including chemical conveyance, food and beverage lines, dispensing, ink transfer, pharmaceutical processing and packaging, and more. According to the manufacturer, the TPR tubing provides outstanding compression properties, flexibility like rubber but lighter weight and is an excellent resistance to flex fatigue and tearing. Tubing comes in a wide temperature range: –60°F to 275°F (–51°C to 135°C). The tubing’s FDA grade is produced in two hardnesses – 64A and 80A. It is a natural tan color, autoclavable, and appropriate for clean applications and peristaltic pump use in industries such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing. The National Sanitation Foundation lists the 80A material for use with food equipment materials (NSF-51). The 64A industrial version is black in color and offers good resistance to U.V., ozone, and various chemicals. It is well suited for outdoor use and handles applications where oil may splash onto the tubing. All styles of the TPR tubing are stocked for same-day or JIT (Just in Time) shipment. Sizes range from 1/8-inch through ¾-inch diameter. Customization includes other durometers and sizes, colors, overbraiding, and cut-to-length pieces.