Processing Magazine

Liquid level sensor provides fast delivery, simplified installation

March 27, 2006

MC420 Liquid-Level sensor has simplified the process of implementing a liquid-level sensor for applications such as water treatment, petrochemical and chemical processing. Part of the M-Series, the MC420 is available in a limited variety of pre-determined lengths, is packaged with its own float, and is shipped with its own magnet to allow for easy two-step calibration. The sensors are delivered in approximately one week. Easy two-step calibration is accomplished without removing the electronic housing, but rather by using the MTS-supplied magnet. Standard calibration can also be completed using the HART® interface. Like all M-Series sensors, the MC420 uses a magnetostrictive design and has only one moving part—the float. This simple design ensures that no scheduled maintenance or recalibration is required. Pricing for the MC420 ranges from about $1,150 to $1,400.