Processing Magazine

Liquid-level transmitter for sanitary/hazardous environments

June 24, 2009
Production of the liquid-level transmitter with Foundation Fieldbus protocol began in April 2009. The manufacturer has gone through numerous rounds of testing, including interoperability testing performed by the Fieldbus Foundation to ITK 5.0.1 and certification by leading Host system manufacturers. Foundation Fieldbus technology is the world''s leading digital protocol for process automation, which provides end-users with the freedom to choose interoperable control products from their suppliers of choice, as well as the ability to integrate control systems, subsystems and devices across a plant enterprise. The protocol will make the magnetostrictive liquid-level transmitters compatible with an even wider variety of control systems, expanding the company''s offerings to customers with sanitary and/or hazardous environment applications. The Level Plus model MG level transmitter satisfies the demand for a digital communication interface in the liquid-level marketplace for vessels from 508mm (20 in.) to 22,000mm (866 in.). Outputs for the model MG include Modbus, DDA (proprietary ASCII protocol) and Foundation Fieldbus. The transmitter features 3-in-1 measurement of the product level, interface level, and the average temperature from up to 12 temperature points utilizing a single-process opening, eliminating the need for separate level and temperature transmitters. Designed for inventory control, the model MG is accurate to at least 1/16th of an inch at max length and can also provide volume measurement from a 100-point strap table that the user loads into the transmitter. By incorporating the strap table into the transmitter the user does not need multiple copies of the strap table or have to code the additional formulas.