Processing Magazine

Liquid-level transmitters for use in variety of industries

October 20, 2008
M-Series Level PlusĀ® liquid-level transmitters are now being used in sump applications for numerous process industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas. The M-Series transmitters provide accurate and continuous measurement that allows for more efficient removal and transportation of waste only when the tank is full by detecting the liquid level instead of the foam level. This capability helps eliminate damaging equipment by running pumps dry when the other level devices would output a level with only foam remaining causing damage to the pump. MTS liquid-level transmitters are designed for easy installation and low maintenance, and non-contact, liquid-level sensing is achieved with absolutely no wear to the sensing components. The M-Series transmitters are ideal for continuous or batch processes, providing product level, interface level, and temperature data all from one sensor, so there is no need for multiple openings at the top of the tank. Requiring no calibration for the life of the transmitter and maintaining accuracy regardless of temperature changes in the vessel, the magnetostrictive transmitter provides the most accurate and reliable measurements available.